June 7-11, 2021

To participate in this specialized course you must have sewing and pattern making skills and have already made several clothes from A to Z;

The specialized course reviews all the stages of the production of a tailor jacket, and focuses on the specifics of pattern making, cutting, and sewing.

You will work on a jacket model in a standard size in half measure;

For the assembly of the jacket you will use a combination of hand stitches and machine sewing : the placement of the shoulder pads and reinforcements, the finishes of the edges of the clothes, the laying of the collar, the insertion of the pockets, the laying of the linings by hand and the assembly of the lining.

Alongside the work done, you will be asked to create an illustrated reference folder that includes the different stages of editing.


Course organisation

The model proposed by the teacher is an ARMANI model tailor jacket model; The model’s pattern is provided in size 38; once copied, it is adapted to match each of the participants’ morphologies. As time go by, the teacher indicates the way forward for the making of the model and supervises the work of each.


The model is made in 100 medium wool, with a 100 cupro lining.

A fee of 150 euros is required for a standard size (38 to 46).






Fabric scissors, paper scissors, sewing needles nr.5-9, fine metal-headed pins, a tape meter, black sewing thread nr 50, thread to sneak, a tailored chalk, one or more pencils, a notebook, an aristo square and a ruler, a camera


Prices and conditions The price of the specialized course is 600 euros. It runs from Monday to Friday. This amount is payable at the time of registration, directly at the school location, or by transfer.

The specialized course takes place from 3 confirmed participants; lamaisonde retains the right to cancel the specialized course no later than one week before the date of the specialized course in case of insufficient participation.