Evening Classes/WE

Sewing is serious and fun!! especially in the evenings and on weekends

Our evening classes start on October 10, 2022. Choose your day:


  • Monday from 6pm to 9pm: beginner level
  • Wednesday from 6pm to 9pm: elementary level


  • Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.: elementary level
  • Sunday from 2pm to 5pm: beginner level

Our models are selected from the season’s collections.

Imposed program.

90 hours

Price: 1500 euros

Package of materials and supplies:

beginner level: 200 euros

elementary level: 300 euros




decorative pillows and furniture interior

To start sewing is to discover the fabric, learn how to cut it, get to know the machine and make a first sewing project, such as a cushion

We will continue with a first wool skirt, mini, like that of PATOU

Then, it is the discovery of the mesh, the jersey, in short, the stretch; What is mesh? how to cut it? how to sew it? to illustrate this learning, we chose a model of DRIES VAN NOTEN in jacquard jersey

It’s time to find out how to make an upper body garment out of fabric; a simple top but which will allow you to learn how to mount a sleeve, a buttoning leg, a neckline; for this project we fell for a beautiful white cotton blouse from ERDEM